Inspired by the handiwork of Chinese cages and the poem by Cecília Meireles, the "Stone Cage" earring features a stoned gem that is "trapped" inside the earring. But the earring gives you the option to change the gem, leaving another beautiful "bird" to stand next to you. So it is up to you and your heart to decide when the gem will be released to place another in this cage that is opened to endless possibilities. 


19.2k Gold earring with:  amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, greengold quartz, prasiolite, green tourmaline or pink quartz.


Dimensions (mm): 45 X 25

Weight: 10,6 grams


Topaz, Citrine, Prasiolite, Amethyst and Green Tourmaline are synthetic gemstones, that is, these gems are created in the laboratory with natural raw material. They are gems with the same properties of natural gemstones but have not been extracted from nature, where the action of nature has been accelerated inside a laboratory.
Colorless Quartz, Pink Quartz and smoky quartz are natural gemstones.

Stone Cage Earring in Silver or Gold Plated Silver

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