A small but special jewel. This earring with unique and special design features a natural gemstone with special lapidation that is supported by a piece with 20 brilliants (each side) or a mix of colorless and chocolates diamonds or a mix of tsavorites, emeralds and green sapphires.


Earring in 19.2K gold with:

- 40 colorless diamonds in brilliant lapidation of 0.005 cts (each) and colorless quartz.

- Mix of Tsavoritas, Emeralds and Sapphires green of 0.9mm totaling 0.2cts and greengold quartz.

- Mix of chocolate and colorless diamonds in brilliant lapidation of 0.005cts (each) totaling 0.2cts and smoky quartz.

Dimension (mm): 30 X 12

Weight:2,8 grams


Inspired by the dome of the chapel of St. Basil, which was added to the cathedral in 1588 during the burial of Saint. Basil the Mad for Christ's sake.


Basil Earring in Gold with Brilliant

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