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"I do not want to create accessories, but jewelry that transits between the design and the sculpture and that allow a constant interaction between the jewelry and its user"

Diogo Dalloz was born in Brazil, but it was in Portugal that he gained a fascination for the technique and art of Portuguese jewelery.  Graduated in Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, Diogo had his first contact with jewelery in 2008, in Portugal, in an exchange program at the University of Lisbon.

In 2009, he returned to Portugal, this time to Porto city, to attend the postgraduate degree in "Design of jewelery" by the Superior School of Arts and Design of Matosinhos - ESAD.

After training, in 2011, it is in Brazil that you create his brand in your own name and where it starts to gain expression. His jewels are part of the wardrobe of several soap opera and programs of Rede Globo, such as "Fina Estampa", "A Vida da Gente", "Cheias de Charme" and "Império". He also saw his pieces to be used in the "Estrelas", "Mais Você and "The Voice Kids" programs.

In the same year, Diogo Dalloz was invited to exhibit the "Stone Cage" earring at NY Design Week, one of the biggest design events in the world, integrated in "Fresh From Brazil" - a space dedicated to new Brazilian design talent.

In 2014, he returned to Portugal and ESAD to join the Master in Product Design with a focus on Jewelery Design, where he developed the "Set the World on Fire" collection. The positive reception of the pieces led to the earring "The Flame" being selected for the exhibition "Rio + Design 2013". The ring "The Power of Fire", from the same collection, was selected for the exhibition "Rio + Design Milan 2014.

Nowadays, the designer has installed the company's headquarters in Porto, with the ambition of expanding business in Portugal and Europe.


There are many things that connects the fast-paced day-to-day life of Rio de Janeiro and the city-like spirit of Porto. Historical cities that unite in a transversality of cultures and styles. This proximity that crosses an ocean, inspired Diogo Dalloz, sculptor of formation, to travel to Portugal to develop his area of ​​creation. It was in Portugal that he discovered the fascination with the technique and tradition of Portuguese jewelery and where he joins with his wife Luma Boeta, who not only takes care of the company's management but also manufactures the pieces with him., with ambition to conquer not only the national market but the European.

Diogo create jewelry with movement and structure, that oscillate between the sensuality of the form and the pragmatism of the function. The incessant quest for innovation and differentiation has led to "Incomplete", a concept that allows the natural gems to be altered with a simple gesture, offering multiple combinations. Jewels that are more than a complement and are completed by the hand of the wearer.

The designer from Rio highlights that the idea is "to create changeable jewelry and to allow a constant interaction between the jewelry and the wearer, in a permanent relationship of creation. I like to explore the versatility of the pieces, which fit the taste of each one, but also the look and state of mind of each day. "

The concept is transversal to several collections that already form the portfolio of the creator, marked by the alliance between the Portuguese technique and the carioca accent design. Among the collections are "Cathedral", inspired by the textures of the domes of St. Basil's Russian Cathedral, "Fire", which recreates the strength and energy of fire or "Winter", which reproduces the crude forms of nature in the cold season . The curves and simple lines, soft and delicate are outstanding characteristics of the jewels created by the designer. In the finishing, the contrast between the polished and the frosted is almost always present.

Headquartered in the city of Porto, Diogo Dalloz is now betting on the Portuguese market, with the ambition of expanding also on the European continent. "It was in Portugal that I learned all the art and technique of jewelery and this is where I want to continue to create and develop my brand. I had the opportunity to launch it in Brazil, where the reception was very good, having reached some important stages, such as Globo novels that gave me a lot of projection, but from Portugal I feel I have more opportunities to expand the brand to markets that I consider it very interesting, namely the center of Europe ".

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